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Private Label

Nigor net B.V. is a private label producer of outdoor products such as tents, rucksacks and bags. Since 1998 we supply – on a confidential basis – well known retailers and distributors

Longtime Experience in Far-East Trade

Specialized in private label, Nigor net offers you a one-stop-shop for high quality outdoor products under your Own – brand name, servicing you from concept – to – product delivery anywhere in the world. Strategically based in the Netherlands, near the Amsterdam and Rotterdam ports, we currently service reputable customers in over 20 countries. The increasing worldwide demand for high quality outdoor products puts greater pressure on suppliers in the outdoor industry. However, it also offers new – opportunities provided you have the expertise and flexibility to match the market’s needs. We can supply you with this expertise and flexibility. Our line of products is as broad as you require. We have great expertise to design and purchase the products you need.

Our Logistics People Constantly Strive to Serve You Best and Save You Money

Established in the Netherlands near the European main port of Rotterdam harbour, we know – all about shipping and transport. With highly advanced software we optimize pallet, truck and container loading in order to save cost and meet your specific requirements. We know the most direct and economical – way to get to your markets and distributors all over the world.

Our Designers Can Design Your Product from Scratch

Not only the design and packaging of your product is our concern, so is its Presentation. This is why we assist you in launching your brand into the market place. Our creative specialists can develop designs to support your corporate image and cater your market. Next to our standard program, many products have been designed to exactly meet our customers’ or their markets’ requirements.

We offer a perfect mixture of quality, flexibility, efficiency, confidentiality, competitive pricing and customized service. In close cooperation we identify your needs and serve you not just as a customer, but as a – partner with the same objective: driving your performance.