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Eureka! sponsors prize-winning photographer Jeroen Toirkens on expeditions to nomads

Photographer and globetrotter Jeroen Toirkens was sponsored by Eureka! with a K2XT 4 seasons tent and backpack for his expeditions in search of nomadic tribes. In 2004, Toirkens won the third prize in the Dutch national competition “The Silver Camera” for the best journalistic photograph. Read more

2006 innovation: Totokon reverse combi tent

In 2006, Eureka! launched several new innovative products that have since enjoyed continuously increasing popularity. One of the most exciting is the Totokon. Read more

Impressions of Eureka! Tent Shows

The 2006 Tent Shows that Eureka! participated in were once again a great success. Find below some images that give you an impression of what to expect at these tents shows Read more


Verdict: Excellent! – Eureka!’s Autumn Wind XD stood the test
Dome or hybrid tents till €300 were tested in the July edition of the sport magazine Alpine – and Eureka!’s Autumn Wind XD received a very good rating. This small pack size, two person, Read more

Eureka! helps the Balikpapan Orang-utan Survival Foundation in Indonesia

Suitable orang-utan habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia has declined by more than 80% in the last 20 years. What is even worse is that by the continued opening up of the forests with roads for commercial exploitation and insufficient protection of the opened up forest, encroachment and slash and burn agriculture takes place, causing the formation of “forest islands” that become to small to support an orang-utan population Read more

Tunnel Vision TC: ‘Family tent of the year ‘

Eureka’s Tunnel Vision TC has been awarded as as “tent of the year 2004″ in
the category family tents by Outdoor magazine and the SOS.

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