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Nigor Net BV the company behind Eureka! Europe, Helinox Europe and NIGOR® is looking for new collegues. We are looking for video, editorial, social media and marketing talents. Also vacancies for office management and customer service and warranty department Check for career offer: Nigor Net verantwoordelijk voor Eureka! Europe, Helinox Europe en NIGOR® worldwide zoekt … Read more

The Laughing Owl by NIGOR® has been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award

The Laughing Owl by NIGOR® has been awarded with the Red Dot, the international distinction for high design quality. Participants from 57 nations had registered over 5,200 products and innovations for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. Only products which set themselves apart considerably through their excellent design receive the sought-after quality seal from … Read more

Red Dot Award for Helinox trekking pole LBB135

The Helinox trekking pole LBB135 has been awarded with the 2016 Red Dot design award. RIDGELINE series poles balance light weight with the strength for trekking, mountain and ski in arduous day trips or week long treks. The Helinox LBB 135 uses a combination of the vertical lever system and a specially designed button system. … Read more

Chair One Home wins Red Dot design in the Home furniture category

Statement by the jury A trendy design, clever functionality and high-quality materials characterise the foldable Chair One Home. The foldable Chair One Home is suitable for use both inside and outdoors. The robust material used on the seat of this modern chair is available in a range of colours and therefore easily adapts to different … Read more

Winners Nigor Net competition NKBV mountain sports day

Last week on the NKBV mountain sports day in Nieuwegein the Netherlands more people than ever entered the Nigor Net competition. Out of the correct entries 3 price winners have been drawn. And the winners are….. The  Helinox Chair One, because of the small packsize and a low weight an absolute must have for every  … Read more

7 mars 2014 in Eureka! | News

Eureka! innovations

Eureka! innovations

A continuous strive for innovation has been translated into our new lightweight, backpacking tents as the KeeGo series, Yuki 4, Spitfire Duo XT. Our family tents have been designed with a focus on compact pack size and low weight. That’s why we introduce our new family tent models as Stony Pass, Palazzo and Lookout Loft … Read more

Eureka!’s new quick pitch family tent system: the TentoMatic Hex-4

(English) The Eureka! TentoMatic series introduces an innovative technology, which makes pitching of large family tents really fast. TentoMatic Tents can be pitched up within 3/4 minutes. Much faster than inflating tents, with a smaller pack size and lower carry weights. Read more

Eureka!’s new quick pitch family tent system: TentoMatic 4

(English) Once pitched up in just a couple of minutes your holiday can immediately start. The TentoMatic 4 offers a sewn in floor with bathtub side walls, 2 spacious sleeping rooms and plenty of space to store your gear. The double roof creates a cooler climate inside Read more

La « Chair One » d’Helinox a remporté le « red dot award: product design 2013 »

La « Chair One » d’Helinox a remporté le « red dot award: product design 2013 » pour ses qualités esthétiques.

La puissance innovante d’Helinox a impressionné les 37 membres du jury d’experts du « red dot award: product design 2013 ». Les gagnants réussissant à convaincre les expertes réputés dans le domaine ont le privilège d’orner leur création de produit d’un « red dot » et de se positionner au niveau international. Dans le cadre de la compétition de cette année, les membres du jury ont été comblés de comptabiliser 4.662 envois dans 19 catégories différentes. Seuls les meilleures créations ont été capables d’obtenir les faveurs du jury
Read more

WickyUp 4, awarded for the “Op Pad” (Dutch Trekking magazine) Bronze Award 2013

(English) Eureka’s WickUp 4, has been award with the “Op Pad” (Dutch Trekking magazine) Bronze Award 2013. The jury comment: “Ultra Lightweight tent system, which offers our best space-to-weight ratio. Read more