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7 Mar 2014 in Helinox | News

Nigor Net BV and Helinox act against copyright infringement


We have recently seen and received information that chairs are offered on the European market which are identical to the Helinox Chair One. As far as we can verify it mainly concerns chairs from US and Chinese manufacturers. These chairs are not made of the same premium materials as the original product, the Helinox Chair One. Moreover, the trading of these chairs constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights.

The Helinox Chair One is subject to intellectual property rights. The technical innovation in the Helinox Chair One is protected in China, South Korea, the US and Germany by a patent. In addition, the look and the design of the Helinox Chair One are protected by copyright and non-registered design rights in at least the European Union. Other parties are therefore not allowed to market and/or sell copies of the Helinox Chair One in Europe.

We are busy in collaboration with DAC to halt these infringements. It is unacceptable for Nigor Net B.V. and DAC that parties parasitize in such a way on the success of the Helinox Chair One. We have made requests to customs and excise of the relevant European countries to stop the infringing chairs at the border of the European Community. We act vigorously against every infringing chair that we find in the European Community and will continue to do so.

Should you be confronted with or be offered for sale copy  Helinox Chair One chairs, we would kindly request you to inform us, so we can act quickly and effectively against this trade.