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5 May 2016 in Awards | Eureka! | Helinox | News

Red Dot Award for Helinox trekking pole LBB135

The Helinox trekking pole LBB135 has been awarded with the 2016 Red Dot design award.

RIDGELINE series poles balance light weight with the strength for trekking, mountain and ski in arduous day trips or week long treks.
The Helinox LBB 135 uses a combination of the vertical lever system and a specially designed button system.

Vertical Lever
Aligning the lever vertically with the length of the pole makes a longer lever possible without creating a protuberance problem. The mechanical advantage of a longer lever makes for easier operation.
Deformation of a single locking cam under pressure is substantially reduced by the unique Helinox dual cam system which spreads the load. The reduced cam deformation ensures consistent high locking forces for more reliable performance. The dual cams require less distance between tube and cam for better performance.
The unique Lever Resting Zone of the Helinox Lever Lock system relieves all pressure on the mechanism when the pole is compacted and not in use. Locking pressure is more consistent and reliable with the Helinox Lever Lock system.

Button Lock.
The internal rail system is exclusive to Helinox. The system prevents relative rotation of the sections and allows “one touch” operation. There is now no need for the frustrating manipulation required to align the buttons with the button holes. The linear internal rail was created by DAC’s superior design skills and experience. The square button prevents the accidental separation of sections. The ball bearing allows increased spring tension to ensure the button emerges consistently to reliably lock the pole. The ball bearing also assists relative movement of the tubes for smoother operation. The Helinox dual button system spreads the load evenly so that the load on each button is halved for more reliable operation. The lightweight mechanism (combined with the incredible benefits of alloy TH72M) produces the lightest possible pole.